REC + Sustainable

The pandemic has forced us to reflect on the production of clothing and many sustainable fashion projects are coming out, even big brands are developing new lines in this regard.
For the first time at the Rec, you will find REC + Sostenible, the great sustainable fashion space with many brands and designers who are real discoveries! They will be in the building of the Leather Museum, in the Encavallades room where you will find:

  • The 080 Barcelona Fashion space with the winning proposals of the Rec / 080 Bcn Fashion competition.
  • Fashion designed and manufactured with sustainability criteria: Bohodot, Luna Brand, Land Studio, Natura Moda, Nuoo Clothing, Zer Era.
  • The social proposal of Top Manta, the brand of manters in Barcelona.
  • Marked design, design proposals and local craftsmanship with Akin Soft Goods, Zebra Designs, Mun BCN, Terrazzzo, Nubuckcuir, Elizari Bags and Omnea.
  • Moda Sostenible Barcelona with brands such as Imarit, Miu Sutin, Moraduix, Nathalia García Studio and The Milky Way.

In addition, throughout the circuit you will find locally produced brands such as SKFK, Míriam Ponsa, Sita Murt, Mi & Co, Mus & Bombon, Buff, Lia Swimwear, Visual Poetry Barcelona, ​​Visionario, AMT Studio, American Socks, Bean’s Barcelona, ​​Élise et Sardine, Ika, Jordi Rafart, Killing Weekend, Josep Abril, Little Lia by Beth, Lötiekids, Micu Micu, Punto Blanco, Suindiatic, Sussi Sweet Dress, Thinking Mu, Txell Miras, among others.

From Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th May, from 10am to 10pm in the Rec d’Igualada district
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