The street food festival of Rec.0

Rec.0 is also gastronomy. Each edition, fashion and culture mix with the Street Food festival, which has more than 40 food-trucks and pop-up bars, specially selected to represent, through a hundred proposals, the different cultures and tastes. Each food-truck brings some new value in gastronomy and, together, they form an attractive gourmet ensemble that completes the Rec.0 visitor experience.

This was the gastronomic circuit of the last edition that was held from 10 to 13 May 2023. Coming soon the gastronomic circuit of the next edition in November!

Street Food

At Rec Stores you will find all kinds of gastronomic proposals for all tastes distributed throughout the circuit. In this edition, the association Km0 Slow Food Catalonia has joined Rec.0 to promote the Slow Food philosophy. Some of the pop-up restaurants with the Slow Food label present at the next Rec.o will be: La Calma, Entre2mons, Sabor a Pirineo, Celler dels Joglars, Fileteand, Tarambana Bus and Happy Foods.

In addition to the food trucks and pop-up bars, the spaces Estrella Damm, official sponsor of the Rec, Fever-Tree, Sant Aniol and Pla de Morei. Welcome and good luck

More than 40 gastro points

At Rec Street Food, all the food trucks are carefully selected so that in every zone on the Rec.0 circuit, you'll find quality culinary ideas for all tastes. Crepes, gourmet hamburgers and dishes for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs are just some of the gastro offers this year.

Culinary suggestions

Cuisine on wheels is characterized by culinary suggestions inspired by world cooking, made from local, top-quality products.

Sponsors’ sites

In this new edition of Rec.0, Estrella Damm has a bar where beers and soft drinks will be served and one Star will be given away for every purchase ticket over €40. We also have the space for Fever-Tree tonics and mixers; with the space Celler Pla de Morei, where wines produced by Km0 will be served, and the waters of Sant Aniol that will accompany the festival.

Pla de Morei Winery


Sant Aniol


Estrella Damm



Gintònics i combinats

Rec.0 Gastronomy


ECO beef and lamb burgers

La Calma

Sandwiches and dishes with Garriga sausage

Entre dos mons

Rice, fish and seafood from Palamós

The Veggie Point

100% vegan cuisine

Xoco Creperie

Crepes dolces i salades

Tarambana Bus

Gastronomia d’entorn

Amai Porn Food

Tapas de autor

Glo Street Food

Hamburgueses i entrepans

We Love Asia

Cuina asiàtica


Gourmet sandwiches

Erika Nails & Coffee House

Pastes, Sucs naturals, smoothies i Cafè

CCal Pastor Foodtruck


Creperia Vesqué

Crepes dolces i salades

Garbanzo Negro

100% vegan cuisine

El celler dels Joglars

Gastronomia de muntanya

Artesans del Foc

Pizzes Artesanes

Chuchy Hotdogs

Hot dogs

Braseria L’Olivera

Proximity brasserie

Una pizza foodtruck

Pizza italiana artesanal

Oh My Crep

Creps and galettes, sweets and salads

La Jornalera Food Truck

Seasonal cuisine of the Baix Empordà


Hamburgueses de vedella eco

Street Rolls

Entrepans slow cooking amb pa rústic

Sabor a Pirineu

Starry eggs from happy hens

The Craftsman

Pollastre teriyaki, frankfurts i sándvitx

La Belle Verte

Paella, falafel i kebab vegans


By El Filete Ruso, ECO Burgers

Pepito Bravo

Entrepans de vedella 100% ecològica

Les Creps Bretones

Creps dolces i creps salades amb opcions vegetarianes

Cupcake Cafè Manresa

Cafès i cupcakes

Happy Foods

Hamburgueses gurmet 100% eco

Va de Creps

Crepes and natural juices

Can Sibarita

Aperitius Sibarita

La Teca Van

Cuina vegetariana i vegana

Maria una Crep

Creps i galettes bretones

La Vie en Chrome

The American kitchen in an airstreme