Rec.0 Experimental Stores is a new concept in retail. It involves the temporary transformation of an old industrial district, Rec, in Igualada. Twice a year, and for four days only, the former factories and tanneries are transformed into pop up fashion stores where leading brands sell their stock and samples at one-off prices.

Rec.0 Experimental Stores was founded in November 2009 by a group of six people determined to tell as many people about the Rec district as possible and link it to the creativity of the fashion industry. After a number of editions, Rec.0 has become a benchmark fashion, heritage and cultural event in Catalonia held twice a year.

Each edition of Rec.0 Experimental Stores is different. New spaces open, many of them unknown, and which also include new brands, which creates a circuit that’s always different. A visit to Rec.0 is a great opportunity for finding prestigious fashion labels at one-off prices in a truly special setting that undergoes this transformation for just four days. The district returns to normal afterwards, combining tanning industry activity with design courses and other professions.

Rec.0 is not just fashion, it’s also food and culture. Rec Street Food is a real food festival, with 32 food trucks and Rec Music Festival offers more than 20 concerts in two scenarios. As well as the special sales made by each brand in its renovated spaces, cultural activities are held in different spaces on the circuit: concerts, poetry readings, exhibitions, screenings, etc.