The Rec.0 Exchange Market is extended by two days!

Bring the clothes you don’t use and exchange them on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th from 10am to 9pm at the La Bella Tannery.

👉🏼How does it work?
1️⃣Select clothes that you don’t wear, and that are in good condition
2️⃣Take it to the Exchange Market
3️⃣Your pieces will be given a value and you can exchange them
4️⃣Whatever you don’t want to exchange, you can give it to Roba Amiga

👉🏼 What can be exchanged?
✅Maximum of 10 well-selected pieces
✅New and second-hand clothes in good condition, without holes, with all buttons and zippers, clean and ironed
✅Adult clothing, men’s or women’s, accessories for any season and size
⛔Underwear, swimwear, shoes or children’s clothing will not be accepted

🖇With the support of Roba Amiga and the Catalan Waste Agency